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About Us

About Us

  • Our church building location is:  17426 Virginia Ave, Hagerstown, Md 21740

  • Our pew Bibles are the New King James Translation, but we welcome the use of other reliable translations.

  • Pastor Jerry preaches from the pew Bible.

  • Most members dress casual for worship.

  • Our church averages about 50 people on Sunday mornings.

  • Our building was built in the 1960’s.

  • We have a choir that sings most Sundays.

  • Most Sundays we sing hymns from the Baptist hymnal, and occasionally we sing contemporary songs from a praise book

  • The words of the songs are also placed on two screens in the front.

  • Our worship service begins at 11 am and usually ends at 12:15 pm.

  • We have brief time of greeting and fellowship in the beginning of our worship service.

  • We collect an offering as an important part of worship, and we don’t pressure anybody to give.

  • We are mostly older people, and we are trusting God to bring more young people and young families.

  • We have some parking spaces in the front of the church building and there are more spaces in the back.

  • Sometimes our church building is difficult to see.  We are on the same side of Virginia Ave as the Halfway Liquor Store, and about 4 houses down from the store.

  • We have a Special Education Sunday School class that attracts about 30 students every Sunday.

  • VABC loves to serve as Christ taught us to do!

    – We serve a meal and speak each month in the Hagerstown Rescue Mission (Hope Center).

    – During the school year, we have a team that goes to Hickory Elementary School to share the gospel and disciple children. This ministry is the Good News Club, through Child Evangelism Fellowship. We also provide health kits to children going to the Outdoor School.

    – Some of our ladies have a wonderful quilt ministry, providing handmade quilts to many babies, children, and adults.

  • We enjoy fellowship dinners and picnics several times during the year.